Sustainability​ Education through Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture & Unilever sponsorship

Unilever unveiled its vision on Sustainable Nutrition during a Unilever dinner with top executives from all major grocery retailers this past January, at the FMI midwinter conference. They invited me to make a short presentation & speak during the interactive dinner regarding the impact their sponsorship in the Stone Barns Teacher Institute on sustainability was having on our local high school students and our community. There was only time for me to speak for a few minutes and unfortunately wasn’t able to share my Prezi presentation, but I wanted to share it here for everyone to see the importance of sustainability education and the immense impact it has on our community. Stone Barns Teacher Institute 2017 Prezi By Ana Plana @StoneBarns @UnileverUSA #Sustainability #impactyourcommunity #educatingyouth #sustainbleeducation #futureoffood #makeadifference