2018 Food Tank Summit in New York

This week I was in New York for the 2018 Food Tank Summit at the NYU Tishman Auditorium Vanderbilt Hall. Three big take aways from the impressive line up of speakers for me were, one, we know there are numerous issues surrounding our food system and the food movement is growing and addressing all sides. Every effort is helping to connect the dots and all these dots adds up to make a difference. Two, Marion Nestle mentioned “the root cause of our food issues is over production, we need a new food system” – agreed! She also went on to say, “Vote with your fork,  Vote with your VOTE” whichever side you are on; VOTE. Three, when working on an a food issue address it with solutions,  results and not just relating to financial results but include the community and environmental impact as well.


2018 Sysco Educator of the Year @ CAFE Leadership Conference

2018 Sysco Educator of the Year Award honorees 2

The 2018 CAFE (Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education) Leadership conference in Milwaukee this month, was an extremely rewarding and impactful conference. I am extremely appreciative to everyone involved in selecting me as the 2018 Educator of the Year Award recipient.  Many of us in the food industry have attended many food conferences but CAFE always stands out. I had a chance to meet so many amazing people that are not only passionate about food and sustainability like myself but are culinary educators as well as.  Being acknowledged for my efforts in food innovations, professional commitment, professional development and my leadership amongst such talented chefs and culinary educators was truly amazing.   Thank you!

*Photo credit to Brent Frei

Sustainability​ Education through Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture & Unilever sponsorship

Unilever unveiled its vision on Sustainable Nutrition during a Unilever dinner with top executives from all major grocery retailers this past January, at the FMI midwinter conference. They invited me to make a short presentation & speak during the interactive dinner regarding the impact their sponsorship in the Stone Barns Teacher Institute on sustainability was having on our local high school students and our community. There was only time for me to speak for a few minutes and unfortunately wasn’t able to share my Prezi presentation, but I wanted to share it here for everyone to see the importance of sustainability education and the immense impact it has on our community. Stone Barns Teacher Institute 2017 Prezi By Ana Plana @StoneBarns @UnileverUSA #Sustainability #impactyourcommunity #educatingyouth #sustainbleeducation #futureoffood #makeadifference