What to Expect…

Arrive Sunday, July 30, 2017 – Depart Sunday, August 6, 2017

We’ll meet on Sunday July 30th for appetizers and cocktails at the Villa Taticchi in late afternoon or early evening. Enjoy a nice evening in the villa’s gardens and become acquainted with our host and the other guests in our group.

The rest of the week, you can have breakfast downstairs in the main dinning room or in the garden at your own pace. Each day will feature a cooking class with Chef Francesca Taticchi, where we’ll learn authentic Umbrian cooking techniques and traditions.  In addition to our cooking classes, we will have three fieldtrips; which include a trip to a local winery, mill and a cheese farm.

Novello Taticchi describes the “cucina” as everything being home-made, from the delicious starters to the hand-made pasta, and let’s not forget the inviting desserts which you can’t say no to. A rich, well known kitchen and at the same time genuine and careful with the health of its guests, based on fresh products: vegetables from our own garden and domestic meat, are the main ingredients of every course.
 The pasta and the breads are made by hand by our chefs.
 We specialize in the Umbrian kitchen; for example, home antipasti fried vegetables, pastry with pecorino cheese and honey, sgonfietti with norcineries, quiche with greens, home made tagliatelle and ravioli and desserts by Annabella the head chef. And no Umbrian meal is complete without our wide selection of Umbrian wines.

Villa Tattichi has over twenty years experience in the restaurant business, creating and organizing banquets and receptions.

The restaurant is an AIC associate (AIC = Associazione Italiana Ciliaci).

What to do when you’re not in a cooking class, on a fieldtrip and/or Saturday, August 5th…enjoy a nice horseback ride around the area, swim or sit by the pool next door at the Pattol Club, drive to Assisi a 30 minute away, visit the town of Pergua a 10 minute drive or just relax at the villa.

This week in Perguia is $1,550 per person which includes your stay in Villa Taticchi for seven nights, breakfast at the villa every morning, 5 cooking classes, three fieldtrps (including the transportation), access to horses on the property, access to swimming pool & tennis courts at Pattol Club. Evenings are free to plan as you choose as well as Saturday.

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